3 Hour Fishing Trips

We offer 3 hour fishing trips during the summer & school holidays, weather permitting, these run twice daily at 10am and 2pm and are ideal for families, or inexperienced anglers who want to try boat angling for the first time. These trips are immensely popular and involve drifting over ‘rough or broken’ ground ‘jigging’ which is lifting and lowering a set of artificial lures over the seabed, if the water is a bit discoloured we will add a strip of bait to add a bit of scent to the lure. All tackle & bait is supplied on these trips so there is no need to go out and buy your own, the tackle is comprised of a boat rod equipped with a Scarborough Center Pin Reel, line and a set of lures with a boat lead to finish it off.

All the fishing on these trips is done within 3 miles of Whitby Pier Ends, as there are some excellent fishing holding areas close in. Also we want our anglers to have as much fishing time as possible. During the summer months these areas hold a great variety of fish, including, Mackerel, Pouting, Whiting, Gurnards, the odd Ling, various flatfish & rays, (over the cleaner ground) Coley, and of course the nations favourite Cod.

Tina Dawn Whitby - 26lb 2oz Ling

Pictured is a 26lb 2oz Ling caught on a 3 hour fishing trip with his Grandson catching loads of Mackerel!! Just showing again how plentiful the seas are around Whitby, and how fishing really can be a family affair.

Please be advised that these trips are very popular and pre-booking is advised by either giving us a call or by email.

Sometimes we do have spare places so if you are unable to contact us for any reasons if you could be at the ‘Pontoon’ which is opposite the New Angel Hotel, at Whitby Harbour at least half an hour before the trip time, we will see if there are any places left.